This SCsof module is our Mobile Tracking Module that works hand in hand with the Transport Management System Module to keep track of the status and location of different trucks at a particular time.

Our SCsof Mobility Consists of two sub-modules:

1. Mobile Tracking Handheld Module – The handheld module will be carried by the driver.

2. Mobile Tracking Web Module – The Web Module will be used by users who need to keep track of the movement and locations of the drivers. Through this module, the user will also be able to extract historical details of movement and locations ot trucks and drivers.

Mobile Tracking Module generates a detailed transaction report, which allows the control center or transport planner to view and monitor the movement of drivers and the status of orders. This mobile tracking module also automates the scheduling, dispatching, and monitoring of bookings.
Your orders and POD can be communicated in real-time between the mobility and TMS, which streamlines communication and interchanges your business automation.